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Guided Hunts

Are you interested in going on a hunt? Join us for a Guided Hunt today!

Moose MAine Kids!
free Youth Turkey Hunt

In 2022 LaMarca Outfitters volunteered to give away a free guided youth turkey hunt through Moose Maine Kids! organization to give back to young hunters looking to get in the woods! We called two Toms into 20 Yards! They were strutting and spitting like crazy! A wonderful and exciting experience!


2022 Spring Turkey Hunts!
Ready to hit the Turkey Woods?

Guide John LaMarca With one of his 2022 Spring Tom Turkeys!




My son had a great experience! Everything went as planned, and everyone involved was happy through the whole experience. Even Mom! I was very confident leaving my son, and I highly recommend John as a guide for anyone wanting to get into hunting or even experienced hunters who might want to continue learning. This guy was amazing!


Rating: 5/5

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